Tapestry is a publication about living life by His design.

Tapestry Magazine embraces the greater narrative God's been fashioning since the genesis of time and holds it up to the status quo, challenging His church to move against the current and live in light of His design.

Tapestry teaches us who we are in light of the greater whole so we don’t get lost in the chaos. It tells of a secure identity drawn from closeness with the Father, which destroys comparison and offense, displacing them with the connection we crave.  As we refocus on His Kingdom, we zone in on the greater reality: our call to pull Heaven onto earth in the way we live.

Tapestry is a Kingdom movement, leading the Church to choose security over striving, authenticity over facade, confidence over competition, and generosity over entitlement.

Tapestry holds a mirror to the Church to remind her of who she is and how she’s meant to livecompletely surrendered, entirely secure, fully alive, and out to bring Him glory.