Tapestry Magazine is divided into five personas based on the fivefold ministry functions: the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher. While the Tapestry team will ultimately decide what voice your piece fits under, we’d love for you to keep the voice and intent of one of the personas below in mind as you craft your article. Feel free to include the persona voice your writing with at the top of your piece. 


This persona represents the role of Prophet.
Her intent: To call higher and deeper. To create an eternal perspective and to boldly proclaim God’s heart with His people.
Voice: Strong, punchy verbs with directional language. Edgy, unkempt, poetic style that’s rough around the edges. Everything is purposeful—punctuation, word choice, organization, flow. All of it is intentional, pointed. Uses economy of language to ensure sentences contain as much power as possible.  
Key Words: Higher, deeper, calling, more, glory, desperate, the call, stay the course, don't waver.  

This persona represents the role of Evangelist.
Her intent: To lightheartedly invite others into the fold. To engage with the world while living freely and lightly in God’s Kingdom.
Voice: Authentic and playful. Makes use of idioms, pop culture references and other trends. Has a vibrant and colorful style.
Key Words: Story, soul, authentic, genuine, truth, grace. 

This persona represents the role of Shepherd.
Her intent: To nourish, root in Christ, and mature the church. She cultivates depth and meaning and makes a safe place for people. She’s a restful presence. 
Voice: She’s invitational, restful, mothering, and calm. Invites others to abide and nurtures her community with her words.
Key Words: Abide, nourish, gather, nurture, community, create space, cultivate meaning. 

This persona represents the role of Teacher.
Her intent: To illuminate Scripture and give others a glimpse into the universal truth of the Word.
Voice: Slightly academic, organized, logical. She unpacks truth point by point.
Key Words: Word, incarnate, work, study, dig deeper, explore, guide, truth, reality, observe, interpret, apply.

This persona represents the role of Apostle.
Her intent: To awaken the church to possibilities, dream big, create depth of life, and teach people that there is more to perceive. 
Voice: Casts vision and incorporates exciting sentences with lots of leading questions and action points. Bold statements about identity and purpose. 
Key Words: Dream, vision, movement, pacesetter, goal, stretch, identity, purpose, call.