Issue 1 of Tapestry Magazine is 110 pages of rich and illuminating ad-free content that will increase your understanding of the gospel and spur your heart to want more. We've prayerfully and intentionally curated images and essays to lift our eyes higher and draw our hearts deeper.


In Tapestry Issue 1 you will find themes of:

  • Our new identity
  • Seeking intimacy
  • Unhindered freedom
  • Embracing vulnerability
  • The abundant life
  • Abiding in Christ

The presence of the Creator was thick among the cypress timber, the fig tree thickets. He was there--walking amid the mist and shade near the sea, through the ferns and the fields. It was the place where love and truth were made manifest, where the human soul met unadulterated intimacy with God, and where the Spirit of the Lord roamed freely in our midst.

EDEN is the garden where we found perfect communion with God. It’s where Adam and Eve understood  exactly who they were: there was no question regarding their identity or any wavering over their worth. Their connection with the Lord is “the more” that our spirits now call out for, the Kingdom our hearts remember, and the belonging for which we constantly ache.

But the garden doesn’t have to simply be a reminder of paradise lost. EDEN redeemed is the heaven on earth the Lord has given us—the pockets of perfect, holy peace and the tearful, roaring joy that brims up within. It’s the magnificent restoration, our identity reestablished, the “already” and the “not yet.” And it’s God’s promise of what’s yet to come.

EDEN is our debut print issue for Tapestry Magazine, and we invite you to enter in—to take part with us as we set foot in the garden and step into the beginning of a story that has already been written. Let the narratives of the women on these pages connect the plot, show you truth, and bless you with hope. Let their stories--interwoven with our Father’s great design, just as yours is--be a reminder that we are free indeed, that we can live as daughters of the Most High God, released into freedom, surrounded by beauty, and fully aware of our true identity.

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